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At Chestnut Hill Legal, we put your family's needs first. Our firm offers trusted legal guidance through a broad range of elder law, probate, and estate planning matters. We serve the area's needs to get your questions answered and problems solved. Our firm is committed to providing our clients with a sense of security and hope about their futures. To navigate our clients through the legal process as peacefully as possible, we handle their matters in an encouraging manner. We do more good with the cases we handle by taking a transparent approach. Rest assured that when you turn to our Philadelphia Estate Planning Attorneys, we devote ourselves to steering you in the right direction.

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Chestnut Hill Legal understands how difficult the legal process can be. For that reason, we are committed to simplifying it as much as possible. We don't use "legalese" and our processes are far from complex. Our attorney is simply here to provide you with clarity on how the legal system works, and navigate you through the matters you are dealing with.

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    We encourage all families to have a proper will or trust in place. Not only will this put less stress on your loved ones in the future, but it also clarifies the manner in which you'd like to divide your assets. Our firm can counsel you through the estate planning process when you are ready to move forward. If we are able to help you with matters relating to elder law, we are prepared to represent your interests. Trust that we have answers to your questions and solutions to your problems.

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      • Do I need a will?

        If you don’t own anything or everything you own is jointly held by you and your spouse (i.e. a shared bank account and family home), then odds are your estate won’t need to go through the probate process because everything will transfer to your spouse automatically. However, this is a rare condition, and odds are you’ll probably want a little more flexibility with your final wishes. When this is the case, you absolutely should have a will as a part of your estate plan.

      • How do I change my estate plan?

        It’s important to have an estate plan, even from an early adulthood age. This means it’s not uncommon for your wishes to change as your life progresses, so naturally you’ll need to change your estate plan along with them. Minor changes to your plan can be done with a document known as a “codicil,” however too many changes can lead to a complex and convoluted plan, at which point you should consider revoking your plan and creating an entirely new one from scratch.

      • How long does probate take?

        There’s really no telling how long the probate process can take. It’s not uncommon for an estate to be open for a year or more, but an executor who has proper counsel and guidance in their duty can often complete their job in less time. Pennsylvania’s probate process is fairly efficient, but simply fulfilling all required duties and filing the mandatory paperwork can take some time, which means distributing the assets to heirs can take months. As a good rule of thumb: the more complex an estate, the longer it will take to fully close.

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