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Thinking about what may happen to your loved ones and your estate after you’ve passed away or if you're mentally incapacitated is not easy. However, you need to prepare if you wish to pass on your possessions and take care of your loved ones with minimal delay. If you don’t take the proper legal procedures, your estate will be subject to the probate process, which can be a lengthy process that places a lot of stress on your family members and can result in significant losses to taxation, fees, and other sources.

Attorney Louis P. DiLello founded Chestnut Hill Legal after seeing far too many people become subjected to this process because they didn’t have the adequate preparation that could have otherwise helped them avoid it. At our estate planning law firm, we believe that helping you achieve your goals and properly prepare for your future is the key indicator of success. We tailor our counsel and services to help you reach this outcome in an easy-to-understand and cost-effective manner.

With the proper estate planning, the probate and estate administration process, which begins after your passing, will be significantly easier on your loved ones.

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Each of our estate plans is custom-built with your ultimate best interests in mind, and we make your goals our goals. Our mission is to help you protect your assets and secure the future of your loved ones so you can have peace of mind. Chestnut Hill Legal, we can help you do this utilizing one of our popular and cost-effective long term financial planning packages, or by utilizing simple individual services, all for easy-to-manage and affordable flat-rate fees.

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What Are the Benefits of Estate Planning?

An estate according to law is a person’s net worth at any given time (alive or deceased). It is the sum of an individual’s assets and properties.They are usually written in a will and distributed between the named beneficiaries by the executor or administrator specified in the will or appointed by the state if no will is present.

Estate planning has multiple benefits including:

Providing for your family, without it your family will receive less benefits and your children may end up in Child Protective Services while a guardian is named.

Without it, you may have to pay a large amount for probate from the government, while they handle the distribution of your expenses. There are numerous tax reduction strategies that you may partake in to keep as much money for your family as you can.

There are so many benefits to having an estate plan, at any age. Chestnut Hill Legal is here to help you through the process. Call us today for a consultation on your case!

Call Chestnut Hill Legal today at (610) 991-7986 to request a free case evaluation and get qualified assistance creating the right estate plan for your needs!

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