Creating an Estate Plan Should Be Your New Year's Resolution

What do healthy eating, regular exercise, and saving money have in common? Aside from a pitch for a brand new weight-loss program, they are the top three new year’s resolutions of 2019. If we take these resolutions and put them side-by-side, we can summarize them with a single phrase, “do something now to benefit your future.” However, what if your new year’s resolution was to do something now to benefit your family’s future?

Estate Planning Essentials

Estate planning ensures that your loved ones are cared for in the event of a worst-case scenario. It also can help your assets avoid probate.

Estate planning essentials include:

  • Will: A document stating your wishes for the division of your assets after your death, and naming of an executor to carry out those wishes;
  • Power of Attorney: A document granting authority to someone else to manage your affairs;
  • Advance Health Care Directive: A document stating your wishes for medical treatment if you are in an end-stage condition and granting authority to someone else to carry out those wishes with your health care provider.

If you don’t know how these estate planning essentials can help your family, contact Chestnut Hill Legal to schedule a free consultation.

Resolve Your Family’s Future Now

As you contemplate 2019 and beyond, think about where your family would be without you. Would they know how to handle your assets? Are they ready to make sound decisions about their futures? If the answer isn’t a resounding yes, contact Chestnut Hill Legal for help in determining the best plan for you.

We make resolutions about the things we care about, so resolve to make an estate plan for your family as soon as possible. A famous saying suggests we, “live for today,” but when we have others depending on us, we must also plan for tomorrow.

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