The Best Gift for Your Family: An Estate Plan

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This month we celebrate long-kept traditions, fantastic food and, above all else, the ones we love. Family is what the holidays are all about, and we can’t wait to be with our loved ones. You may already be anticipating the excitement on their faces as they open the perfect present. However, there is a gift that’s more important than most anything on their wish list: security in knowing that you did your estate planning.

Why an Estate Plan Is the Best Gift for Your Family

An estate plan is truly the best gift for your family, and here’s why. We all intend to live a long and healthy life, but we never know what the future holds. The truth is that we can’t guarantee that we’ll be alive and healthy next year or even next week! With this in mind, securing your family’s future now is undoubtedly the best gift you can give your loved ones.

To understand the importance of an estate plan, imagine this scenario: You become incapacitated as the result of an accident or illness. The earth keeps spinning, however, and your family has bills to pay and other affairs to manage. If you did not have a durable, financial power of attorney in place before the accident or illness, a loved one would have to go through the guardianship process to secure the authority necessary to manage your affairs. Compared to setting up a power of attorney, guardianship is a difficult, time-consuming and expensive process.

Now Is the Time

“That will never happen to me,” is, of course, our first instinct but, unfortunately, it can and our families deserve better than to suffer a difficult ordeal or struggle through probate court because we avoided estate planning. If you want to give your family a gift that transcends a worst-case scenario, now is the time to talk to Chestnut Hill Legal about your estate plan!

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