How to Celebrate Halloween with Someone with Special Needs

Like most children, children with special needs typically enjoy hanging out with friends, dressing up, and getting gifts from neighbors on Halloween. If you are worried about celebrating Halloween with a special needs person in your life, here are some tips to help!

Listen to What They Want

Many families plan out trick-or-treating paths days in advance of the big night. While it’s okay to attempt to maximize a child’s candy pile, those with special needs may not feel as inclined to follow a defined path. If your special needs loved one has a hard time keeping up with friends, or wants to blaze a new trail, try to listen to their requests and do your best to accommodate them safely. While you may think that they will be happier with more candy, sometimes they are more content to walk to their own beat.

Entertain Their Costume Choice

For some children with special needs, Halloween is a day where they get to take a break from walking in their own shoes. This is what makes Halloween special, so whether they want to be a superhero or a villain, do your best to accommodate their costume choice safely.

Research Their Disability

On this holiday, you may be asked to care for a person with special needs on behalf of a loved one. If you agree to take care of a special needs family member or friend that has a disability you know little about, try to research their condition before the big day. Different disabilities have different challenges, and knowing about them beforehand can help you prepare a list of do’s and don’ts during the event.

We hope this list helps you get the most out of Halloween with your special needs loved one. Have a great time and stay safe!

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